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Graphic design and visual design come together to create beautiful ebook interiors. With a service for every writer, designers provide branded themes, custom templates, and complete ebook design consisting of the following:

  1. Ebook Themes
  2. Ebook Templates
  3. Content Design

Ebook Themes

Custom themes are for writers who want the ebook stylized as they write, from the beginning.

Styled themes enable writers to focus on the writing while the styling is taken care of behind the scenes with CSS codes in Kotobee Author. The writer simply enters the text and Kotobee Author takes care of the rest. Each word appears with the correct font, color, size, spacing, etc. The writer rests assured that the ebook will appear perfectly formatted.

Writers may provide detailed guidelines or ask for our assistance in creating personalized styles for their ebook interior. The various elements of the ebook will appear according to the custom style theme guidelines. Examples of elements include headings, image captions, tables, and block quotes.

You Provide
Ebook style guides
You Receive
Kotobee Author ebook file (KPUB2) with embedded CSS styles

Ebook Templates

Templates make creating ebooks with a variety of layouts easy for writers. Kotobee designs a set of page templates for the ebook, that the author uses anywhere in the ebook. The author saves time while creating an ebook with an attractive design-rich layout.

You Provide
Template description
You Receive
Custom layout templates

Content Design

Our visual designers transform plain ebooks into beautiful layouts with visual representations of the content and organizational branding. Upon request, the ebook can be designed for accessibility.

Comparative information may be turned into tables, facts, and figures into animated charts, and appropriate icons added to links.

Visual designers step in and create appealing ebooks that organizations and writers are proud to distribute or sell.

The content design service takes place after the ebook is written and all assets, like images, videos, and interactive content, have been added to the ebook. This stage is the final step before customizing the ebook app or exporting an ebook.

You Provide
Ebook manuscript with all assets added
You Receive
Ebook design implemented and ready for publication
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