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Kotobee Ebook Services

Creating exceptional ebooks for you!

Let our team of ebook experts help you create engaging and captivating interactive ebooks that will instantly capture your readers’ attention.

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Our Ebook Services

Ebook Consultation

Receive guidance and suggestions from Kotobee’s team of ebook experts on how your ebook can be more interactive and engaging for your readers.

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Ebook Conversion

Send us your manuscript in any source format and have it converted into a quality-assured interactive ebook file format of your choice.

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Ebook Design

We offer various design services for every writer's needs. Our services include but not limited to; branded themes, custom templates, and complete ebook design.

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Ebook Scripting

Our software developers will help you create and add fully implemented and rigorously tested interactive content that will transform any static book into a fully interactive and engaging ebook.

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Ebook Publishing

Let us take care of all the technical aspects of publishing your ebook; this includes, but isn't limited to, exporting apps, DRM settings, and uploading ebooks to your chosen publishing platforms.

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Ebook Marketing

Boost your ebook's visibility and captivate your audience with our comprehensive ebook marketing services. We offer a wide range of services to help you get your ebook in front of the right people.

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Why choose us for your ebook services?


Money-Back Guarantee

If we can’t achieve your desired functionality or your reported validation errors aren’t resolved, we will happily provide a full refund.

Served 200+ Clients

Our clients range from small indie authors to big publishers, universities, and governments.

Technology Leaders

We have been focused on ebook technologies for more than 10 years. The tools we use in our ebook conversion and creation are built in-house by us.

Speedy Delivery

We have a skilled team that professionally executes your ebook projects with quick turnaround times.

Competitive Prices

We will give you a quote directly after reviewing your file and will only charge you for the services you need.