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"Whenever I had a question or encountered an issue, Kotobee Support was right there and helped me with each issue"

We interviewed Li Yuen, Assistant Manager of Digital Learning at to learn how Kotobee Library protected their course materials from unauthorized distribution and saved up to 15% in printing costs.

The Challenge

What challenges did you face prior to using Kotobee?

Prior to using Kotobee, course notes were not protected from copyright infringement. Even with printed course notes, we had individuals that used our content and re-distributed it for their own profit.

We were looking for platforms to house our course notes. One of the main issues we had was disabling downloading and printing of our content.

What other options did you explore?

We explored using Google Drive, a web platform and Kitaboo but they didn’t work out mainly for a few reasons: unable to prevent our content from being shared, unable to access offline, as well as the pricing system.

We value the response time that Kotobee takes to address our issues, the ability to control who has access to our content and most importantly, the pricing system the platform can provide.

The Solution


How did you hear about Kotobee?

We heard about Kotobee from one of our e-learning developers who was exploring alternative platforms to house his developments.

What drove you to choose Kotobee?

Kotobee protects our course notes from being downloaded or printed and sold by unauthorized individuals.

Kotobee also allows the authoring of content on its platform and offers a flexible pricing structure.

How difficult was the onboarding process with Kotobee, transitioning from an older system?

The initial setup was not without difficulties; however, the support team was there most of the time to assist with the transition. As someone who inherited the system, the platform is easy to navigate and use.

Is there a particular aspect of Kotobee that you rely on the most?

The downloading of the book to the app for offline access is an aspect which we really like. It allows easy access to our content for our students when they are traveling, particularly to countries with a weak internet connection, then the one-time login and download allows them to access it easily. It also reduces the need to print the notes for students.

The downloading of the book to the app for offline access...allows easy access to our content for our students when they are traveling, particularly to countries with a weak internet connection.

The Results


How did Kotobee influence the success of your business? Any metrics would be useful.

The reduction in printing costs of our course notes, having an online option saved us 10 to 15% of printing costs.

In what ways is your competitive advantage enhanced?

The ease of sharing our content to potential clients has improved drastically and at the same time, we are protecting our content from being duplicated easily. It also helps that is now at the forefront of digitalization with the move towards digital course notes.

The Future

What are your's digital learning plans for the future?

I believe that we have yet to maximize the potential of Kotobee, but we will like our content developer to embrace technology and assist to create interactive content using the authoring software. We also plan to launch more of our modules into blended learning or full e-learning in order to reach out globally.

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